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Nothig is more enjoyable than the process, which effectively helps you to advertising new investments. On a warm, sunny day, Inwestbud came to us and they needed help with the architectural visualizations of their new property. They already had severals failed attempts to cooperate with other studios that didn’t meet their expectations. Both, in terms and quality. That’s why they had only 7 days to make 7 renderings, which gives us a very short period of time. However, the Kakito team is always ready to save such hopeless cases. The whole process went well and we did a few versions of the test renders in 5 days, and for another 2 days we rendered all 3D visualizations in the final resolution.


This project is an investment located in Warsaw’s Wilanów. The main aim was to show the real scale of the apartments and their sophisticated design. Ostra Residence is definitely a place on the investment map of Warsaw that can’t be missed.


Our task was to create photorealistic 3D visualizations of the interiors, and also the architectural visualizations of the exterior which had to be shown in the context of the existing surrounding. All this, to increase sales and to make the positive PR marketing.


3d architectural visualization of house

Photorealistic 3D render of house, located in Warsaw, Poland.






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